A Software Degree I never Used (But will change that)

In 2018 I got my Honors Degree in Software Development thinking it would land me a Job straight away as software Jobs around the City was In demand. But I was wrong, My grades were not the strongest I did try my hardest in college but was not the best at Programming especially Object Oriented programming(Java). The interest was there and I loved the satisfaction of code working! but I just could not understand or wrap my head around Coding. Putting code together and even reading it was not an issue, but to write it and remembering Syntax I was awful at it.

After receiving my cert and six months on from finishing college I found myself still looking for a Job, I was worried time was running out and that I wouldn't get a Job in my field?? ( whatever that was) and what I mean by that is, software you could go down many routes like information technology or network systems specialists, QA testers, or developers. I had not a clue what I wanted to do I just wanted to get into a Job that was in the software Industry. I would spend hours in my room looking at Jobs and applying. I had applied for over forty Jobs, Got turned down from a lot of them but with the cert and an ok Resume I got a few interviews where I failed miserably. I was starting to panic and than I started applying for any kind of Jobs that were more Admin in software than Developing.

In the meantime I had done another part time course in Database Administration under a Microsoft Certified course. Thinking this was the way to go but again SQL was not my cuppa tea! But passing the course and finding it not to bad I had a bit more positivity going back looking for more Jobs. Two more Months passed and still no luck in work and worst of it all not even getting Interviews . I just got on to a Recruitment agency and after a month with them I eventually got a Job with the local University!

Months Jobless and losing hope I finally got a Job and it was with the University and I was delighted with that. The Job was an IT assistant and it was based in the library where I had to do Some library roles to with that. The work was not what I was looking for but after the interview and a few weeks in there I really enjoyed it. I was mostly doing admin work with the odd time helping students and staff install software and troubleshooting. I really love the role as its not a over ally high stressed and working with a lovely team so I could not be any happier.

Two years on and still in the role I couldn't be happier but and yes there is a but! I found myself on my spare time messing around with web design and web apps also reading Programming books Mostly Python as I do like that language. I love to get into Data analysis or some visualization applications. With a few side projects ( websites) I am getting the urge to maybe get into more freelancing and to do that I really wanted to for the last couple of years is maybe get back into developing full time again and even if its only a Hobby , that is ok with me also.

While writing this I release its probably not going to enlite many people as its not very motivational or exciting stories. You can I say I got lucky that I got the Job but the reason I am here writing this is I am not going to give up on something I want to do for years is be a Full time developer. During this awful year of 2020 I found time (which I didn't do as much as I wanted) To relearn some of the skills I did in College and build stuff in my spare time. I am Going to be actively putting stuff on my github, even if its only small Jobs and a few websites . This year I am going to have an active year of Learning new skills and build hopefully something out of it.

If people like this fair enough but I am mostly writing this for me and no one else, but if someone takes something out of this that is great. But this is Just chapter 1 for my Journey of reviving or even getting on a road to developing for Fun. I am not going to chase a career our of this but if it comes my way fair enough but in a time where there is a lot uncertainty (covid) maybe this might be a blessing.

Be Willing to Change, Because Life wont Stay The Same



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Currently Working At Galway University (NUIG) In IT, Love Tech and Software Dev, also I am a Ulcerative Colitis sufferer and had my Large colon removed.